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Your top 10 luxury walk-in closet ideas

Improving walk-in wardrobes through innovation in architectural house design

Custom homes give owners the opportunity to explore a variety of options tailored to fit any lifestyle. Deciding to build a custom home allows you to create the ideal built-in wardrobe maximising practicality and luxury where you live. Lavishly fitted to suit your personality these units are more than just storage, they provide a sense of sophistication that improves the quality of life every day of the year.

To build a luxury home gives you complete power over your walk-in closet. You decide how the right wardrobe design can turn a beautiful walk in closet not only into a storage solution, but also a place to marvel at your most prized clothes, accessories and shoes. And, if you need inspiration it only takes a bit of inventiveness from expert luxury homebuilders to turn this space into a fashionista’s sanctuary.

Bring your walk-in closet into the 21st-century with these fresh ideas.



  1. Select the correct layout

    Walk in wardrobes come in all shapes and sizes; don’t be afraid to review the options as you build your luxury home. Allow ample room to move with an L or U-shapes design that occupies 2 to 3-walls. A standard straight walk in closet provides two sides that are perfect for sharing with him and her.

  2. Choose a style that fits

    Finding a look that ties an entire closet together and maximises space isn’t always easy. Sticking to a common concept enables a sense of cohesiveness that lets your selection shine its brightest. Scour the internet for colour and theme options that compliment your clothing and home.

  3. Furnish open spaces

    A seating area, vanity, or island provides ample room to try on a variety of combination with ease. Relax while you peruse your selection and take the time necessary to optimise your look. Extra storage drawers and shelves are always handy in the face of fashion, be sure to use them correctly.



  1. Display accessories

    Create stunning pieces made from the finest accessories in your collection. Racks, floating shelving, bookcases, and retail arrangements help give any ordinary closet a boost. Take inspiration from the luxury stores you frequent to build displays that put the hottest trends in fashion on a pedestal.

  2. Use the right lighting

    Light matters when selecting when pairing patterns and colours. Showcase the clothing you love by creating a vocal point and setting a mood with the highest quality custom lighting. Illuminate your walk-in closet using cooler bulbs that accentuate the finer details of each piece.

  3. Hang a mirror, or two

    No luxury home is without an array of mirrors helping residents refine how they look and feel. An effective walk-in closet can never have too many of these practical additions. Hung on the door or a wall, each mirror helps create a clearer picture by keeping light within the space.



  1. Organize intuitively

    Appropriately arranging your built-in wardrobe will help save time and energy every time you dress. Group common articles and accessories in a single section with an eye on colour and style. Add further flair by creating displays of your favourite outfits that casually hung throughout your walk-in.

  2. Hang it on rails

    Raise the bar of organisation by taking advantage of every inch of wardrobe space. Short to medium sized rails can be conveniently stacked to make the most of the area. Extend long hanging rails to corners of the closet to the create the perfect place to store all those seldom used dresses or suits.

  3. Open a drawer

    Store all your smaller items in drawers that can be quickly tucked away. Underwear, socks, scarves, and more remain out of sight until the moment you need them. Say goodbye to the clutter by adding smaller compartments or dividers that further organisation of all your items.

  4. Utilise narrow shelving

    Surround your space with open shelving that allows easy access to all your favourites. The shape of each compartment matters as they store a wide variety pieces ranging from shoes to belts. Keep up with the season by rotating where each space is located; relevant pieces more within reach than the others.

Canny Homes combines the skills of architects, interior designers, landscape architects, and builders to create a custom home the suits your exact needs. Optimise the way you operate by building a luxury home with these tips from savvy experts. Achieve your dreams, by joining the most innovative team in the industry! An opportunity to change the way you live awaits within the doors of a contemporary home design.

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